Amazon Kindle Voyage Review – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Kindle Voyage, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress...

Passionately crafted for readers; High-resolution 300 ppi display--reads even more like the printed page; PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger; Adaptive front ...

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Amazon has released several Kindle models through the years and they are second to none. However, the Kindle Voyage looks to be the best yet, or at least that’s what they claim. It comes with automated brightness management, a high-resolution screen and a fantastic design. But is this kindle worth buying if you already have an ereader? That’s what we’re aiming to find out here.

Kindle Voyage Design

Kindle Voyage South Africa models are similar to those released in other countries, with the power button that is easily accessible and a weight of just 180grams. It doesn’t have any bezels, so holding and reading feels more natural as your finger moves across the screen smoothly.

The screen has also been redesigned so swiping is smoother and more responsive than before. Going back to the physical design, the Voyage looks more like a tablet, and the angular lines, soft touch finishing and single pane display cover give the Voyage a distinct appearance.

The Voyage was built for one hand use, and because it’s light you don’t have to worry about your wrist getting sore. For all the changes that have been made, one thing remains the same: it is an ebook reader, nothing more nothing less. Don’t expect any of the fancy stuff you get on mobile phones and tablets as the Voyage isn’t designed for that.

Kindle Voyage Features

This Kindle Voyage review can also point out it has pressure sensitive buttons on both sides. Known as PagePress, this is a welcome addition for those who like their ebook readers with physical buttons. Press the upper button to go back to the previous page, while the large lower buttons turn the succeeding page. You can adjust the buttons’ sensitivity, and there are onscreen buttons as well.

Another notable feature here is the automatic light, as it really improves performance and readability. There are eight font types available, and you can adjust their size. The ability to change font sizes is nice, and each one makes good use of the high-resolution display.

The interface has been updated and looks sharper compared to the older models. The icons are clearer and take full advantage of the high-resolution display. There have been changes made to the home screen too: at a glance, you will see the recommendations, book samples, the wish list and the book you’re reading.

Additional changes have been made to the Settings so the most widely used features are more accessible. The typesetting for the Voyage has been updated as well, and it comes with the Bookerly font which Amazon designed for this ebook reader. Compared to those on older readers, the new engine makes the text easier to read.

Kindle Voyage Performance

The 6-inch screen feels smooth to the touch and it is reflection free as well. The Voyage e-reader has a 1,448 x 1,072 resolution at 300 PPI (pixels per inch), and that translates into a clear, readable display. If you get headaches reading from tablets, you will love this.

There’s a lot of competition for sure, but the Voyage is hard to beat when it comes to readability. The text is clear, and the absence of glare and reflections means headache free reading. You can tell how good this ebook reader is by comparing it to previous models, which look dull and blocky by comparison.

But the Amazon Kindle Voyage shines in automatic brightness control. With other ebook readers you must constantly adjust the brightness to suit the environment you’re in, and that can be a pain. Since the Voyage automatically adjusts the lighting according to the environment, there’s little need for you to do any manual adjusting.

The simplest way to describe this is that the brightness in the Voyage smoothly adjusts up and down, but it doesn’t distract your reading. There’s an option to turn this off and adjust the brightness manually, but there’s really no reason to do that because the auto brightness works as well as advertised.

Kindle Voyage Usability

Should you buy Kindle Voyage? Yes, because it makes ebook reading easier. Once you get used to the automatic light you’ll never want to be without it, and the display is sharp, crisp and clear. At 6.4″ x 4.5″ x 0.30″, it is compact, but it’s large enough to read comfortably on. It is glare free and there’s enough storage room here for thousands of books.

When the automatic light option is turned on you can just focus on reading, period. If the environment is dark, the Voyage lights things up, and if there is bright sunshine the light is reduced appropriately. Aside from this, the Voyage also dims slowly when reading at night so your eyes can adjust.

Its usability is further enhanced by the new typesetting engine we mentioned. If you’ve used other versions of Kindle before, you will notice the difference when you scan the text. What you’ll notice is texts are better positioned, and another thing you will see: the engine now uses hyphens to split words, so no more of those awkward looking layouts. You can also take out the reading progress for a clearer reading experience.

The Voyage has full support for Amazon’s Family Sharing System so you can share your ebooks with another adult and up to four kids. Parental restriction controls are built into the reader, and you can share excerpts from an ebook to Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, what it all comes down to is the reading aspect, and the Voyage doesn’t disappoint. With its Page Flip it’s easy to find books highlights, your notes, maps and images. As you swipe and read, Page Flip saves it so you can come back later and not lose your place.


The ereader / e-reader market is South Africa is crowded already, but the Voyage should have no trouble building a customer base. It is offers superior performance, beautifully designed and builds upon everything that is good about the Kindle.  We highly recommend this if you want a feature packed electronic book reader.

Kindle Voyage, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress...

Passionately crafted for readers; High-resolution 300 ppi display--reads even more like the printed page; PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger; Adaptive front ...

Available: In stock
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