Amazon South Africa

Amazon South Africa

Yes you can buy nearly anything from Amazon in South Africa!

In this article we discuss how to search and select from millions of products on Amazon which are eligible for shipping to South Africa and fulfilled by Amazon. We discuss delivery times, import duties and fees and also what to do if your Amazon product is not eligible for delivery to South Africa.

Very few South Africans know about Amazon Global

There are so many online shoppers in South Africa who wish that existed in order to ship products US to South Africa. There are websites which offer shop & ship import services to South Africa but that comes at a premium! So why not buy from Amazon direct?

The fantastic news is that Amazon actually offer millions of products through their Amazon Global, international shipping program which makes shopping for books, DVDs, music and more very easy.

It all began 2006 when Amazon launched their International Shipping service. This enabled Amazon Marketplace Sellers to leverage Amazon’s global reach to sell their goods in over 75 countries worldwide.

In 2014 Amazon rolled out the “Fulfilment by Amazon” program globally. This means that goods are moved through Amazon’s fulfilment centres in other parts of the world, opening up a word-wide market for market place sellers on Amazon. This brings nearly 10 million products which are available to buy on Amazon in South Africa.

How to buy from Amazon South Africa?

The majority of items in Amazon’s product catalogue (automotive, baby, clothing, consumer electronics, health and personal care, home and garden, industrial and scientific, jewellery, pet supplies, shoes, software, sporting goods, tools, toys, video games, and watches) can be shipped to the South Africa. (Some restrictions apply)

To search specific items on Amazon that qualify for shipping to South Africa, please follow these 5 easy steps.

  1. Not a registered member? Register with Amazon
  2. Already an Amazon member? Sign into your Account
  3. Ensure your address is set to South Africa by going to your account then click Manage your Account
  4. Search for Products and apply the “Ship to South Africa” tick box
  5. Follow normal checkout procedure if your Amazon product is available for shipping to South Africa

Illustration how to order on Amazon

Amazon South Africa




Amazon delivery costs to South Africa

The cost to ship items from each product category to Africa varies by item, shipment and shipping option. Amazon has three different shipping options available for delivery to South Africa. Standard, Expedited Shipping and Priority Courier Shipping.

It is important to note that even once you’ve entered your credit card details, you’ll always be able to view the totals including delivery costs, import duties or fees prior to making a payment. Also, Amazon does not ship to a South African PO Box address so it is essential you enter your street address.

Your total shipping cost is calculated by adding the “Per Shipment” cost and the “Per Item” cost. If the “Per Item” cost is listed in terms of price per pound, you can check the weight on the item’s detail page. To view a detailed breakdown of shipping costs, please visit Amazon delivery costs to South Africa.


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Amazon Delivery Times to South Africa

Standard Shipping             10 to 14 Business Days

Expedited Shipping           8 to 16 Business Days

Priority Shipping                2 to 7 Business Days


Amazon’s Import Fees Deposit

AmazonGlobal offers South African customers customs duties, taxes and fees (“Import Fees”) estimation during checkout and customs clearance on your behalf.

When AmazonGlobal products are shipped to South Africa, an estimate of the Import Fees will be levied on the items in your order for shipment to South Africa. With your authorization, these funds are used by the carrier or another agent to pay the Import Fees on your behalf (or the recipient’s behalf) to the appropriate authorities of the destination country (“Import Fees Deposit”). The payment of import fees is the responsibility of the importer and is levied based on the laws of the country into which the products are being shipped.

The Import Fees Deposit is an estimation of the taxes and duties that may apply and isn’t an actual calculation. Customs regulations and tax rates applicable to certain goods may change between the date the taxes and duties were estimated and the applicable taxes and duties on the date of import into the destination country. The duty or tax rate is often determined by the classification of a good, which varies by country and region.

Duties and taxes are calculated based on the market value (actual price before any promotions) of the product and not the price after Amazon promotions. This allows destination country customs authorities to obtain the accurate import duties and taxes owed to them based on the actual value of the goods.

For AmazonGlobal items, you won’t be charged additional fees if the actual Import Fees exceed the Import Fees Deposit we estimated. For items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers, please check the seller’s policies.

If the actual Import Fees (paid by the carrier on behalf of the recipient to the customs and tax authorities of the destination country) are less than the Import Fees Deposit collected by us on your behalf, you’ll automatically be refunded the difference to the payment method you used for the order. You’ll receive a notification e-mail confirming the amount of the refund. The process takes 60 days from the shipment date.


South African Customs, Duties & Taxes

When ordering from Amazon, you are responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to South Africa. The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of South Africa.

If for some reason Amazon’s Import Fees Deposit is unavailable your order may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by customs in South Africa. This means that the recipient of the Amazon shipment may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once your shipment reaches South Africa. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; Amazon has no control over these charges and can’t predict what they may be. The best option would be to contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates. South African customs may require you to have an ID Number.


Shipping Prohibited or restricted goods to South Africa

Like many countries worldwide South Africa has a long list of prohibited or restricted goods which cannot be imported to South Africa. The main difference between prohibitions and restrictions is that – prohibited goods are never allowed to enter or exit South Africa under any circumstances whilst restricted goods are allowed to enter or exit South Africa only in certain circumstances or under certain conditions, for example on production of a permit, certificate or letter of authority from the relevant government department, institution or body. For more information on these goods please visit the SARS website.


Electric Devices, Voltage and Plug Types

South Africa’s standard voltage is 220-240v whereas the USA used 100-120v. When buying an electronic product, please ensure it is compatible with South Africa’s standard voltage. You should be able to get clarity when reading the product description on Amazon’s product pages.

As most of you are aware, plug types also differ globally. The best bet would be to buy an adaptor together with your device.


What is the product I want to order cannot be shipped to South Africa?

There’s always one product that you really want which can’t be shipped from Amazon to South Africa. Don’t let this stop you. In this detailed article we discuss how easy it is to have any product shipped from Amazon to South Africa by making use of a parcel forwarding company such as MyUS.

We have tried it ourselves and it works really well. It is quick and we still saved a fortune compared to buying the same product in South Africa.

  1. Reply
    pat 28/04/2016 at 10:54

    Hi. Can I do EFT to your account
    Rather than using my credit card

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 05/05/2016 at 12:25

      Unfortunately Amazon only allows credit card payment.

  2. Reply
    Ilse de Villiers 02/05/2016 at 18:28

    I usually work through (mostly audiobooks) but seeing that I’m from South Africa I was wondering if it wouldn’t make more sense working with Amazon South Africa?? I have also subscribed to’s Audible Gold membership @ $14.95 p.m which ensures me one credit/audio book per month…but with the current exchange rate I’m having second thoughts….any advice?

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 05/05/2016 at 12:21

      Hi Ilse. We also work through, however there is a site called which you may find useful.

  3. Reply
    Inat 14/07/2016 at 11:42

    I am inat from Joburg South Africa..i need to know where is Amazon located here in joburg .

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 15/07/2016 at 13:33

      Hi Inat, Amazon is only online. No physical stores, sorry.

  4. Reply
    beka 25/07/2016 at 12:22

    hi . i keep on receiving this message ” Sorry, this item can’t be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.” i wanted to know if amazon delivers in cape town ?

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 25/07/2016 at 12:46

      hi there, yes they do deliver to Cape Town. Please note that they do not deliver to PO Boxes and not all items are available for shipping to SA. When you are in the product category, there will be a box which you need to click “ships to south africa”. Once this box is clicked it should only display items which can be delivered. I have found that on the occasion that it not 100% foolproof. If this is the case, have a look at companies such as MyUS which allows you to ship the item to a US address and then use DHL or FedEx to ship to your door in South Africa.

  5. Reply
    Inganathi 04/08/2016 at 20:46

    Hi I’m inga,

    Just want to find out if I’m buying a product for $260 ,that’s like R3570 in rands , plus delivery, is there any extra costs to pay?

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 04/08/2016 at 21:06

      Hi, when you check out Amazon will give you the total amount in ZAR which includes duties and shipping. There won’t be any surprises when the product arrives in South Africa. Everything is taken care of by Amazon.

  6. Reply
    Inganathi 04/08/2016 at 21:15

    I was trying to buy an xbox one plus 2 games ,its saying it can’t be shipped to my adress ,Pretoria

  7. Reply
    Inganathi 04/08/2016 at 21:15

    I was trying to buy an xbox one plus 2 games ,its saying it can’t be shipped to my adress ,Pretoria

  8. Reply
    Ameer 25/08/2016 at 08:08

    Hi, i just ordered something from Amazon using the global standard shipping option. Will my parcel be couriered to my address or will it be sent through the South African post office?

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 21/02/2017 at 08:21

      It will be couriered. It’s very quick

  9. Reply
    Mario Pires 24/11/2016 at 09:04

    Good Morning,

    I would like to order a Bissell Crosswave All-in -One Multi surface Cleaner, but because we need it to operate at 230V in South Africa I need to order from Amazon UK. is it possible and how?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 24/11/2016 at 10:23

      Hi, this could be tricky. I make use of Aramex. You ship to a warehouse and they forward it on to your home address. As an FNB customer I could sign up for this service for free. Have a look here:

  10. Reply
    Magda 21/02/2017 at 00:09

    There is a debit card option when you order on Amazon. Why can’t I use my debit card to pay? Where can I buy a gift card in South Africa ?

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 21/02/2017 at 08:17

      Hi Magda, you’ll have to check with your bank. I use my FNB debit card to shop online, however I cannot use my ABSA debit card due to restrictions by ABSA. Check with your bank please. I can confirm that Amazon does accept debit cards with a chip such as Visa, Mastercard, etc.

  11. Reply
    Magda 21/02/2017 at 00:12

    Where can I buy an Amazon gift card in Pretoria?

  12. Reply
    Sara 03/07/2018 at 09:20

    When I click on my cart the total is displayed in dollars not ZAR, if I charge this to my credit card will it calculate at the correct exchange rate etc?

    • Reply
      Kind South Africa 03/07/2018 at 09:48

      There is normally an option to click on the Rand Value. If not visible on your side, you will be charges according to your bank’s exchange rate.

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