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Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi


Higher resolution display (300 ppi) - with twice as many pixels; Now with Bookerly, our exclusive font, hand-crafted from the ground up for faster reading with less eyestrain; Built-in adjustable ...

I am enjoying it so far. Great for reading. Had the original Fire since 2012. The Fire used to make my eyes hurt if I read too long. Haven't experienced that with the Paperwhite yet.
July 20, 2015
I initially had trouble deciding between the paperwhite and the voyage because reviews more or less said the same thing: the paperwhite is great, but if you have spending money, go for the voyage.Fortunately, I had friends who owned each, so I ended up buying the paperwhite on this basis: both models now have 300 ppi, so the 80 dollar jump turns out pricey; the voyage's page press isn't always sensitive, and if you are fine with a specific setting, you don't need auto light adjustment).It's been a week and I am loving my paperwhite, no regrets! The touch screen is receptive and easy to use, and I keep the light at a specific setting regardless of the time of day. (In any case, it's not hard to change the setting either, as you'll only be changing the light level at a certain time of day, not every now and then while reading).Also glad that I went for the international shipping option with Amazon. Extra expense, but delivery was on time, with tracking, and I didnt need to worry about customs, which I may have if I used a third party shipping service.
August 8, 2015
Allow me to preface this with a little history. I am (was?) a casual reader who owned a Nook Simple Touch from 2011. I've read the Harry Potter series, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, 1984, Brave New World, and a few other key titles. Fair to say my Nook did not get as much use as many others may have gotten from theirs.Fast forward to today. I have had a full week with my new Kindle Paperwhite and I have to admit, I'm in love. Not just with the Kindle, but with reading all over again! Now let me relate this review, love, and reading all back to the Kindle. The investment of $139.00 is in the experience you will receive when you buy a Kindle. You are not simply paying for a screen; there is an entire experience included in buying from Amazon.I have been reading "The Hunger Games" trilogy and shall be moving onto the "Divergent" series soon after. Here is the thing with the Nook that hindered me for the past 4 years: I was never inspired to pick it up, get it into my hands, and just dive in. There was never that feeling of "oh man, reading on this thing is so awesome". However, with my Paperwhite, I now have that feeling! That desire is back and I simply adore my Kindle. If you are considering purchasing one, stop thinking about it & simply go for it. After a full week, 3 downloaded books, and a ton of reading, I still have half of my battery left as well.Make yourself happy. Inspire the reader inside of you.
September 1, 2015

In this review we look at the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi model. People often ask which Kindle is best for me. Well the simple answer is that if you have wireless internet at home and do not travel a lot, then the Kindle Paperwhite without 3G is a perfect fit.  So let’s take a closer look.

Although the Amazon Kindle had always been lauded with praise for its lack of screen glare and authentic book reading experience; the online retailer really switched things up when they released their Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi and 3G model versions of the e-reader back in 2012.  The obvious difference as hinted by the name is that it features a light at the front that illuminates the screen.

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite models were released in late 2014. Amazon has essentially taken their world-beating formula and tweaked it. It is still one of the best options for anyone looking to buy Amazon Kindle in South Africa.


Similarly to other Kindle and older Kindle Paperwhite models available, the new Paperwhite is 6.7 by 4.6 inches with a 6 inch screen.  A minor improvement on previous models is the Carta e-paper technology, 212 ppi resolution and brighter light.  This makes the screen much sharper than previous Amazon Kindles and other e-readers by the likes of Nook and Kobo.  Compared to the iPad Mini it is a whopping 30% lighter so you can easily hold it in one hand and read for hours.


That seems the biggest In terms of features the Kindle Paperwhite is not filled with a plethora of unnecessary aspects, its design and features are tailored to satisfy book lovers and offers a rewarding experience using it to read ebooks. The light is obviously the big selling point with the Paperwhite and the most appealing thing is that it does not cause glare. The new model’s text definitely appears darker on the white background. The light is easily adjustable and can be dimmed to suit your exact reading needs.

The user interface is simple and very easy to use.  Even a child can use the touchscreen technology by tapping or swiping the screen to page through your book. With the advances in Kindle technology you can flip through pages a lot quicker compared to previous models.  A great feature of this Kindle is the fact it gives readers a rough estimation of how much time it will take to read the rest of a chapter. When you flip you’ll also never lose the page you were on. The inclusion of this is genius on Amazon’s part as I am sure we have all been there when it has started to get late and we don’t want to stop reading.


The Paperwhite follows suite with the rest of the Kindle family and offers the user a superior performance when compared with its main competition.  The battery after one single charge can last up to an incredible 8 weeks when used daily without Wi-Fi activated.  It’s an absolute pleasure to use.

The Kindle Paperwhite delivers the same usability that customers have come to expect from the online retailer’s e-readers.  If the so-called “experimental” web browsers, which is more than a little slow, may be seen as a disappointment, this is not a tablet. This is very clever e-book reader which goes beyond a book.


Whether buying the Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi or the 3G models depends on your needs. We would consider either model the best e-book reader currently on the market. Buying a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon in South Africa is a no-brainer. If you travel frequently without access to internet, get the Kindle Paperwhite 3G. If you are connected most of the time, the Wi-Fi model is more than adequate for your book reading needs.

Higher resolution display (300 ppi) - with twice as many pixels; Now with Bookerly, our exclusive font, hand-crafted from the ground up for faster reading with less eyestrain; Built-in adjustable ...

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  1. Reply
    Nico 05/01/2015 at 06:55

    Amazon won’t ship this item to SA

    • Reply
      admin 07/01/2015 at 07:06

      Hi Nico – Amazon does ship the Kindle Paperwhite to South Africa. Please note that Amazon only ships to a physical address and not a PO Box address. You should not have a problem buying the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon in South Africa.

  2. Reply
    nicky 28/01/2015 at 06:05

    what is the shipping costs for the kindle to south africa

    • Reply
      admin 28/01/2015 at 14:24

      Hi Nicky, Shipping & handling is aprox R370 and import duties R280. This amount changes depending on the exchange rate. I used 1:12 ($1 = R12). The costs also vary depending on the actual device. This is specifically for the Kindle Paperwhite. The total order cost would be R2,325 using todays’ exchange rate.

  3. Reply
    toms o 19/10/2015 at 16:44

    toms o

    Sales of the Kindle Fire are going better than expected. A whole host of image enhancing features is provided as standard which allows users to manipulate and edit images and videos, including autofocus, touch-focus, face &amp.

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